About Us

Afrisat Investments Ltd (Afrisat) was formed in July 2012. The company has completed over a year of operations, but has already established an impressive business portfolio of projects.The company has six Executive Directors, the Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Chairman, supported by a team of administrative staff. Critical staff expertise gets sourced in on a contractual basis depending on the nature and complexity of projects at hand.

Vision: Afrisat’s vision is fostering an integrated industrialized Africa.

Mission: Afrisat’s mission is to cultivate innovative development solutions.

Market and Target Customers: Our market comprises capital projects and infrastructure development. Our clients are private and public sector development agents focused on integrated and sustainable development projects.

Ownership: Afrisat is a wholly owned black company established and incorporated in Mauritius.

Industry Sectors

• Residential and commercial property developments
• Integrated development of sustainable human settlements
• Energy and Power
• Minerals exploration and Mining
• Capital projects and infrastructure development
The company operations are supported by a leadership team that is based in South Africa, but
traverses and transcends across Africa.

Geographical Reach

To suit the vast geographical reach of Afrisat operations, the company provides professional services on a broad range of projects to clients in all the five key zones on the continent:
• Northern Africa;
• West Africa;
• East Africa;
• Central Africa; and
• Southern Africa