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Xiaomi mocked online after spending 3 years on new logo that looks almost identical to the original

Posted by RT on April 2, 2021  |   Comments Off on Xiaomi mocked online after spending 3 years on new logo that looks almost identical to the original

Chinese smartphone-maker Xiaomi was ridiculed online after it unveiled a new version of its company logo, which surprisingly looks almost identical to the old one.

The revamped logo that was unveiled this week looks like a slightly rounded version of the previous logo. The colors have remained the same – orange and white.

Chinese social media users were baffled at how little was changed, considering that the redesign took three years to develop and reportedly cost two million yuan ($305,000). Many joked that the company’s co-founder and CEO Lei Jun “got scammed” and should “call the police.” Others claimed that they could have come up with a new logo for a much cheaper price.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) quoted a person writing online as saying “I can do this for 20,000 yuan,” and another adding “Or 2,000.”

English-speakers did not seem impressed either, arguing on social media that the old and the new logos were almost identical. “Haha spot the difference,” one person wrote, while others called the redesign “a joke” and poked fun at the hashtag #InnovationForEveryone, which Xiaomi used to promote the new logo.

“I could have made that for half the price the designer did[,] it’s nothing new,” one user wrote in English.

Japanese graphic designer Kenya Hara, who created the new logo, called it “a perfect balance between a square and a circle,” that captures Xiaomi’s “inner spirit.” He said the design was inspired by geometry and mathematics.

Lei acknowledged that some might be “disappointed” by the change. “I suppose many people would say, ‘That’s it? That took three years?’” he wrote in a post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, according to SCMP. He argued that the redesign represents an upgrade of the company’s “internal spirit and qualities.”

"To be honest, I didn't get it at the first sight, but I've grown to like it a lot. It's the best representation of today's Xiaomi," Lei wrote on Twitter.

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Time to change? Mixed response after German officials cheer diversity campaign to give names of migrant origin to weather events

Posted by RT on January 6, 2021  |   Comments Off on Time to change? Mixed response after German officials cheer diversity campaign to give names of migrant origin to weather events

The German migration agency has praised a campaign to showcase ethnic diversity by giving names of foreign origin to weather events. The initiative did not go down well with everyone though.

“We live in an immigration country. Nevertheless, the weather highs and lows [anticyclone and cyclone] are almost always given names like Gisela and Helmut. It’s time to change that,” a diversity group wrote on their #WeatherCorrection project’s website. The campaign to bring “new” German names into weather forecasts involves activists from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

“After all, Germans also have names like Ahmet, Chana, Khue und Romani,” the website said

Pretty much anyone can choose the name of a cyclone or an anti-cyclone for a fee of between €240 and €360 ($296-$444) paid to the Free University of Berlin’s Institute of Meteorology, with the proceeds going to student projects. The names are then used in official weather reports.

Fourteen such names were acquired through the initiative for 2021. So this year, Germany will see weather events with names of Arabic and Turkish origin, like Ahmet, Cemal and Jussuf, as well as Bozena, Bartosz, Irek, Dragica, Goran, and Chana, which are of Polish, south Slavic, and Hebrew origin.

The country’s migration and integration minister’s office praised the campaign in a series of tweets. “Ahmet or Alex, the main thing is the weather report! In 2021, it will be as diverse as our society, and that’s a good thing.” 

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The initiative, however, was met with a mixed response online.

“A very nice idea! And yes, our society is diverse – even if some don’t want to hear that or accept that,” one person tweeted.

Others called the idea “stupid” and complained about the “ideological indoctrination through the weather reports.”

“Thank you! The naming of high- and low-pressure areas is certainly one of the biggest issues in Germany. It doesn’t really matter whether the Ahmets and the Stafenies also get top education and well-paid jobs,” one person complained.

There are also those who say no one really cares about the names of weather events, while others find the campaign amusing. “Most high- and low-pressure areas have a migrant background, but little is known about the sexual orientation,” one Twitter user said.

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‘Bollywood warriors’: Twitter feud erupts after Indian filmmakers accuse celebrities of supporting riots

Posted by RT on December 18, 2019  |   Comments Off on ‘Bollywood warriors’: Twitter feud erupts after Indian filmmakers accuse celebrities of supporting riots

Protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in India have triggered an online debate, in which film directors slammed Bollywood stars for “inspiring” unrest and vandalism during rallies.

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri tweeted a series of videos, which appear to show mobs of violent protesters against the new law dismantling train tracks, starting fires and attacking police officers.

“Peaceful students beating up police peacefully. Hello Bollywood warriors, I must thank you for supporting such peaceful protestors,” he wrote, while arguing in another tweet that the protests were “Bollywood-inspired.”

He also seemed to suggest that the majority of the protesting students were inauthentic. “Who supplied 27,000 dummy students?” he wrote.

That was when producer and documentary filmmaker Ashoke Pandit replied to Agnihotri’s tweet that “many more like these friends of ours have supplied dummies.” He tagged several celebrities who have fiercely opposed CAA, including actress Richa Chandha.

Chandha did not take being called out lightly. She went on to call Pandit “a rabid hate monger that froths at the mouth on TV debates,” and accused him of “inciting abuse against ppl who disagree with you.”

In an apparent attempt to tone down his earlier comments, Pandit told Chandha that their disagreement does not mean that he disrespects her.

Some other actors have strongly attacked the law as well. Swara Bhasker slammed it as “bigoted,” while fellow actress Parineeti Chopra called police “barbaric” for confronting protesters.

Rajkummar Rao, meanwhile, condemned violence committed by police, as well as by protesters.

The Citizenship Amendment Act was approved by the Indian parliament earlier this month. The legislation simplifies getting citizenship for six religious groups, which have come from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but not for Muslims living in India.

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Critics are calling the law discriminatory towards Muslims, while the government insists that its purpose is to help persecuted people who have arrived from Muslim-majority countries.

The rallies against legislation began peacefully but quickly spiraled into violence, with rioters throwing bricks at police and burning cars on the streets.

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