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Ex-Canadian PM sparks online storm for wishing Hurricane Dorian ‘direct hit’ on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Posted by RT on August 30, 2019  |   Comments Off on Ex-Canadian PM sparks online storm for wishing Hurricane Dorian ‘direct hit’ on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Canada’s former prime minister, Kim Campbell, found herself in hot water after wishing in a tweet that Hurricane Dorian would make a “direct hit” on President Trump’s Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, prompting a swift retraction.

As news reports emerged on Wednesday about a raging tropical storm inching closer to America’s coastline – an “absolute monster” in the words of President Trump – the former PM used the opportunity to declare: “I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!”

Campbell was soon drenched in a wave of internet outrage, and decided to delete the offending tweet – offering a literal “mea culpa” – but her critics were already out in full force.

The president’s son, Eric Trump, weighed in on Friday, slamming it as “classless.”

“Kim Campbell has no self respect, which is fine – she's an answer to a trivia question,” wrote Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant.

“But she holds a senior office under Justin Trudeau – she runs Supreme Court nominations. So her diplomatic abuses are damaging our relations with our chief ally.”

“Campbell has apologized, but there should be the [sic] consequences,” tweeted another user in response. 

Some commenters came to Campbell’s defense, however.

Campbell briefly served as Canada’s first female prime minister in 1993, following the retirement of PM Brian Mulroney. A consistent critic of President Trump, Campbell has repeatedly slammed the head of state from her Twitter handle, on everything from climate policy to his relationship with the press.

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